Different ways of cooking black chickpeas

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The Murgia Carsica black chickpea represents more than just a desire to save a rare legume variety. It’s a commitment to preserving rural society in a place that was once a patchwork of fields, olive groves, vineyards, where almonds, legumes and many other crops were all-adapted to the rocky and often water-poor terrain.

Today, however, lots of farmers have abandoned the countryside to go and work in towns.

So how is it different from a normal chickpea? It’s smaller, with a wrinkled skin and dark color. It’s never had much of a mass market, in part because its thick skin requires a long period of soaking and cooking (around two hours). But good things come to those who wait, and in the case of this chickpea the reward comes in its herbaceous and savory flavor, so much that it may be eaten simply with a dash of oil and almost no salt.

With this video we provide two recipes: a more traditional interpretation and a more innovative way of cooking these delightful legumes.

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