Hands in the dough: Cavatelli

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Cavatelli are a traditional pasta form from Molise, though they’re widespread in other regions of southern Italy, from Puglia to Abruzzo, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily. They’re made from a mixture of semolina and durum wheat flours, pressed long with a dent in the middle. Come and learn how to make exquisite cavatelli for yourself with the Cesarine!

Learn to cook the most famous types of fresh pasta from across Italy with the Cesarine by booking your place in an online, interactive group lesson. The Cesarine are guardians of an enormous gastronomic heritage, and as part of Terra Madre they’re opening their doors—both physically and virtually—to visitors in order to share and teach people all over the world. Come and learn how to make some of the most delicious local recipes passed down from generation to the next, promote responsible gastronomic tourism and traditional Italian food culture.

The Cesarine are the oldest network of personal chefs in Italy, and a Slow Food Community since 2019.

Online classes cost €25 and can host up to 10 people under the professional supervision of a member of the Cesarine. For more info and bookings: http://bit.ly/CavatelliENFrom October 13 to April 2 you can book your own class in either English or Italian, any day of the week besides Sunday and the Christmas holidays, from 12pm to 7pm Rome time, at the same link.






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