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Agrigento, Italy

February 26th at 16:00 in your time zone

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February 27th at 16:00 in your time zone

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February 28th at 16:00 in your time zone

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#nontiscarto is the imperative for this initiative, which we hope will become good practice.

On 26th and 27th February, participants will endeavour to find discarded food from shops or producers or leftovers destined to be thrown away; on 28th February, everyone, at home, even organised in mini-groups or at equipped places (respecting the necessary anti-coveted measures, and keeping the right distances) will be able to connect through the hashtag #nontiscarto, sharing with us, with imagination and creativity, how food can be given new life, how new dishes can be created. Everything will be documented with photos and short videos to be shared, if you wish, here on our page.

We can all be virtually networked! Everyone can participate, from different parts of the city or from different municipalities; the important thing is to share common objectives, such as:
-Recovery of food that would otherwise be thrown away
-Cooking and imagination
-Consuming the dishes prepared or donating them to charity

At the end we will collect the photographic and video contributions and make a small documentary to share with everyone!

Event organised by the Zagara Community لزهر for the protection of multicultural biodiversity.

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