Reconnecting the Highlands

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Torino, Italy

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November 13th at 17:00 in your time zone

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What role can technology and the service industry play in the future of mountain areas?

There are lots of aspects of modern society which might encourage the rebuilding of the social fabric in mountainous areas that have long been abandoned and forgotten: Working from home, an increase in population, especially among the youth population who are returning to traditional crafts and rediscovering a sense of community, in the small hamlets high above sea level, where small shops are considered places of socialization.

But this won’t be enough. Those deciding to move back to living in and rebuilding mountain hamlets need the support of technology and services which make life easier on the sociological, economic, ethical and even aesthetic level. This is an opportunity to discuss the present and the future of the mountains together with institutions, experts and those who live there.

This conference is organized by Slow Food in collaboration with BBBell. The event is free and open to all.


Financed by the European Union

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