Seeds of tradition, seeds of regeneration

October 9th at 09:00

Free event

The Lowlands are, more than any other, the ecosystem where polar opposite food systems are so strikingly counterposed.

On the one hand, monocultures and intensive operations; on the other, diversified, small-scale farms. Different scales, different production practices, different agricultural, economic and social systems. Many of these contrasts are evident in the roots of agriculture: seeds. GMOs and traditional seeds represent two antithetical ideas of agriculture, the economy, the environment and human society. This forum is dedicated to the sustainability of traditional seeds that are, Slow Food believes, an important insrument for mitigating the climate crisis. Focusing increasingly on existing biodiversity, rather than working to develop new transgenic seeds: that’s our proposal.

Communities from across the world share and compare their experiences.

Access to the event is free, but must be booked in advance – this can be done from September.


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