Soil and food: no-soil tomatoes and lab-grown meat

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Will food of the future be produced in labs? Will we resolve the problems of world hunger and agriculture’s impact on the environment by doing away with the soil altogether?

Among the world’s largest exporters of fresh tomatoes is the Netherlands, which has no historic culture tied to the fruit. The secret lies in their no-soil growing systems and advanced agricultural technologies which can grow fruits and vegetables with no need for soil or sunshine. 

In the meantime, some of the largest corporations (including Cargill and Tyson Foods) are undertaking research and development activities aimed at growing meat in laboratories without any livestock or farming procedures. Is this the future of food? Will technology feed a constantly growing population with lab-made food? Is this the response to reduced soil fertility: to do away with the soil altogether? 

Or, in another possible future, will food be reconnected to the cycles of the soil, water and the sun? Will we rear animals and grow fruits and vegetables in harmony with the Earth and its natural resources while ensuring the protection of ecosystem services?

This event is free and open to all. 

Cover image: Charles “Duck” Unitas, Unsplash


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