Towards a fair and sustainable food system for the Mediterranean

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March 10th at 14:00 in your time zone

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With the support of the MAVA Foundation, Slow Food, the Global Footprint Network, Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) and GOB Menorca are launching a new project aimed at reducing the “distance” between producers and consumers, as well as informing both groups about the implications of food production and consumption for the planet.

The project aims to reverse the unfair situation faced by small-scale producers, and to promote short-chain food systems that are better for people and the planet.

The project seeks to create a Community of Practice (CoP) involving different stakeholders in short value chains, from fishers to seafood markets, chefs, consumers, scientists and NGOs to share experiences and best practices, seek workable solutions to their common challenges, and to build synergies that facilitate the transition towards fair and sustainable food systems with a low Ecological Footprint, starting in the Mediterranean region.

After agreeing on an approach to sustainable, economically viable and fair food systems, the CoP will develop an Ethical Code which the stakeholders will agree to adhere to. The CoP will also create a set of tools and guidelines designed to monitor the implementation of this Ethical Code. 

This forum is realized with the contribution of the MAVA Foundation in the project “Towards sustainable and fair food systems in the Euro-Mediterranean region”

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