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A single issue has captured the world’s attention like few others before: the Covid-19 pandemic.

The effects are being felt in every country around the world, where it has put a strain on human health as well as our economic and social well-being. The outbreak of the pandemic and its devastating consequences have reaffirmed the importance of radically changing our lifestyles and food choices, as they have a massive impact on our health and that of the planet.  Scientists, together with the World Health Organization, see the decline of biodiversity as one of the main causes for the spread of new contagious diseases. The struggle to protect biodiversity is crucial: it is the only way to ensure the survival of the human race and indeed the countless other species on that call this planet home.

Can we deal with malnutrition by protecting and promoting biodiversity? Will biodiversity help us preserve the health of ecosystems? What role can politics play in promoting sustainable food systems?

Slow Food will release and discuss its position paper on food and health during the conference.

The conference and the position paper are organized with the support of Reale Mutua. This event is free and open to all.



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