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Grottaglie, Italy

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March 18th at 20:45 in your time zone

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Awareness of the need for sustainable agriculture has grown a lot in Italy in recent years, and with it the practice of organic farming methods, which are based on the principle of avoiding the use of synthetic chemical products, both in the soil and on plants and fruit.

This principle also applies to viticulture, a sector which today has a significant component of producers of wines made from organic grapes. The Slow Food Manifesto for Good, Clean and Fair Wine encapsulates what the vine-dresser’s profession means, understood not only as a wine producer but also as an active driving force for an agriculture that promotes cultural, economic and social growth, ethical and harmonious in the territory. Under the expert guidance of Giuseppe Barretta, a food and wine expert, we will retrace the history of the winery, whose origins date back to 1600. Its philosophy is part of a broader ecosystem of environment, quality and culture. Vetrère has chosen the path of clean energy and is able to meet its energy needs in complete autonomy.

Free event organised by the Slow Food Grottaglie Vigne e Ceramiche Convivium

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