Underwater biodiversity

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From plankton to coral reefs, a vital network connects everything.


Human life develops in water, as all life on Earth did. Mountains, rivers, oceans, and the cells of our bodies: everything is connected through water. For a number of indigenous peoples water is a living being in itself. World civilizations have developed cultures dependent on the presence of their surrounding waters. Traditional fishermen have developed their practices according to the tides and currents, while farmers have developed their growing techniques to face water scarcity or else to benefit from the abundance of this resource. 


This network, through which everything is connected, originates with the microscopic biodiversity of plankton, which generates two thirds of the oxygen we breathe; it is the basic constituent of this vital, delicate and all-encompassing network, a network that climate change, pollution and commercial fishing have seriously damaged. 

How can we preserve our waters and the biodiversity of salt- and freshwater ecosystems? What can communities do, and what is the role of traditional fishermen in this regard?

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Cover image: Krystian Tambur / Unsplash


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