Film screening: HEARTWOOD, presented by the Slow Food Youth Network

13 October 2020

To kick off our digital activities at Terra Madre, the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) is organizing a documentary film screening of Heartwood by Stefano Petroni.

This will be one of the first public screenings of this inspirational documentary, which has been produced a group of youths from our network: Agostino and Stefano Petroni, Sava Riaskoff, Luke Namer and Daniel Halper. In 2016-2017 they visited three indigenous communities in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia and, in collaboration with them, created a documentary to tell their stories of gastronomic resilience.

When and how?

The streaming will take place at 8.45 p.m. CEST on Sunday, October 18 on the ​Slow Food Youth Network YouTube channel​. Before sharing the movie, at 8.30 p.m. CEST, and after the screening, at 10 p.m. CEST, we will have the pleasure of speaking to the movie producers and representatives of the communities present in the movie! This will happen on the ​Slow Food Youth Network​ and ​Slow Food International​ Facebook pages.

The story

Heartwood tells the story of Agostino, a farmer’s son on a mission to save his regions’ olive trees from a natural disaster. Xylella fastidiosa is the most deadly plant pathogen known to humankind, and it has already killed 20 million olive trees in Southern Italy with no sign of slowing down. In fact, it’s now reached France and Spain. Olive production across the entire Mediterranean basin is at risk.

When Agostino learns that science is still searching for a cure, he decides to follow the disease back to its roots in Latin America and visit indigenous communities who have not yet lost their ability to listen to nature’s call. From the savannas of Brazil, the highlands of the Mayan Peninsula and the deserts of Colombia, Agostino chronicles the efforts of indigenous people to save their traditions and persevere in the face of climate change, while searching for a cure to this terrible disease.

To make matters worse, Agostino himself was infected with a mysterious and deadly disease, and the film intertwines his own journey searching for a personal cure with the search for a remedy to save the majestic trees that fed his ancestors for thousands of years. Will he be able to heal himself and find a way to save the trees? ​Watch the trailer here!.

Let’s spice it up!

Since we are SFYNers and we all like cooking and eating, we would like to invite you all to prepare your favorite movie-snacks and share a story of you watching the movie with them! If you tag ​@slowfoodyouthnetwork​ and use the hashtag ​#SFYNheartwood​ we will share your story and be even more connected!

Supporting local communities

The movie will be screened for free, but if you want you can offer a symbolic contribution to a special​ crowdfunding​: all the money collected will be donated to the communities in the movie.

See you all on Sunday, the 18th of October!