Open Presidia

Sunday, October 18, visit the Slow Food Presidia and meet the producers!

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Twenty years have passed since Slow Food launched the Presidia project, calling the world’s attention to 100 unique food products which needed to be saved.

20 years of the Slow Food Presidia

Industrialized agriculture was pushing these products to the margins of the market, putting them in competition with bland, homogenized substitutes which were both cheaper and easier to find. Regulations made artisanal workshops sterile and over-sanitized, eliminating harmful bacterial but also good microflora which gives products their flavor, aroma, and identity. Urbanization depopulated the countryside and the mountains leaving the last guardians of these beautiful lands isolated and fragile.

Slow Food united these artisanal producers in the Slow Food Presidia, encouraging them to tell the stories of their products, to codify production protocols, to act collectively. We found an attentive and sensitive public who were ready and willing to do their part to save this extraordinary biodiversity. We made sure this largely-unknown world was rediscovered, a world made possible by the heritage of traditional knowledge that these producers preserve.

Today there are over 300 Presidia in Italy involving thousands of producers: Men and women that safeguard ancient flavors, traditional fruits and legumes, local animal breeds, cheeses, meats, breads and sweets…

These producers have a new logo: the red snail of Slow Food!

We’ve chosen our most important event as the occasion to celebrate this milestone: Terra Madre 2020.

A day of events

Open Presidia will be one of the events of Green Week Europe, a time for all the countries of the European Union to celebrate biodiversity, discussing strategies to implement in the coming years in order to save the planet.

The Slow Food Presidia have been defending a piece of this biodiversity day-by-day for 20 years: the diversity of animal breeds, vegetable varieties and cultures. There’s no better moment to dedicate a special day and open the doors of our Presidia to the public: you can listen to their stories, taste their products, and get to know these guardians of biodiversity.

Discover the Presidia near you and book your visit*.

For more info please write to:

(*) booking in advance is obligatory in order to allow the producers to organize the visit, and to avoid, with regards to anti-Covid restrictions, overcrowding in their workplaces. Visiting the farm or production site is free: but consumption of products is paid for separately.

Presidia online

If you’d like to discover all the Presidia present in the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto marketplace, you can visit their showcases online.

For more information on all our Presidia both in Italy and around the world, please visit the Slow Food Foundation website.

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