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Unique in appearance, scent and taste, precious because hand picked one by one and in alternate years. It is the green pistachio of Bronte PDO, which now rightly deserves the nickname “green gold”.

Sicily is the only pistachio-producing region in Italy, and the main cultivation area of the Pistachio vera species is concentrated in the slopes of the Etnean town of Bronte, whose volcanic soils give the fruits the originality of taste, sweet and intense, and the characteristic emerald green color. Each small tree on the slopes of Etna gives a few kilograms of this small and aromatic fruit, which after harvesting requires careful and delicate processing.

Nunzio and Alberto Caudullo, sons of Antonino , founder of the company operating since 1949, are now involved in the production of pistachio in the Bronte area. Today’s production structure includes shelling, peeling, optical selection and packaging of products, semi-finished products and derivatives. The company offers on the national and foreign market the best local production of pistachio, and a range of processes suitable for all the needs of professional users. Pistachio shelled or peeled, in grain, flour or pasta.

The raw materials are excellent, obtained according to procedures that ensure the total transparency of the supply chain and guarantee the quality and origin of the product. The shelled fruit reveals the typical purple streaks of its protective film, maintains its flavor for a long time, and lends itself to all sweet and savory preparations. The peeled one, instead, exposes its bright emerald green: this is the color of the authentic Bronte pistachio. Finally, in addition to the grains and flour, the pistachio becomes a pure paste for the preparation of ice cream and for use in gastronomy.


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Viale Regina Margherita, 132
95034 Bronte (CT)
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