“There is a legend that tells of a child who has never grown up, who has always wanted to fly without rules, wild in soul
and heart…”

Domenico Clerico has been one of the greatest innovators in the Italian wine world, a long and constant task, everything focused on enhancing the qualities of Barolo with the philosophy and passion that has always guided him and moreover he has been able to skifully convey this to those who have followed in his footsteps.

Today Domenico is a star, the name “Clerico” was given to an asteroid that flies above us, above our lives, a reminder of one of the greatest producers of the Langa. Today we look to Giuliana. Since the very beginning, she was a strong partner, believer in Domenico’s vision and their ability as a team to live out his dream. Today, Giuliana continues to believe in this dream and works closely with the winemaking team who have supported them both over so many years.






Domenico left behind a great gift, the philosophy of land and opportunity. Always looking for ways to improve his methods and grow, he believed that understanding the personality and heart of his land was vital in order to unearth the best character in the wines.

Last modified: 16 Oct 2021
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