The first idea of a “wine bank” was born in 2001, when a non-profit cooperative society called La Banca del vino was set up. Immediately, selected winemakers and wineries from all over Italy joined the idea of contributing to the collection and conservation of the bank’s heritage, the historical and cultural memory of Italian wine, made up of hundreds of bottles which, year after year, are kept in the historical cellars of the Pollenzo Agency.

Today the Bank, in its being a unique reality in the world, not only continues to pursue the objective of building the memory of the great wines of Italy but represents something more. It expresses the great wealth of territories, soils, native vines and microclimates of our peninsula. A heritage of inestimable biodiversity in a country like Italy where – a unique case in the world – wine is produced in every region.

The Wine Bank is housed in Pollenzo, in the province of Cuneo, in an architectural complex dating back to 1835, built by Carlo Alberto di Savoia as the business centre of the Savoy estates and the heart of agricultural and viticultural experimentation.
The idea of returning the entire building to public use dates back to the late 1990s, on the initiative of the international Slow Food association.

In fact it is a collection of bottles, labels and vintages, from Piedmont and from the North to the South of Italy, passing through the centre. A museum that can be visited by anyone: professionals, enthusiasts, casual visitors.

It is a place dedicated to education, training and promotion of wine culture both through important collaborations such as the one with the University of Gastronomic Sciences, and through the daily organization of activities, workshops, serious games and team building for individuals, groups and companies.

But it is also a great Enoteca, with an offer of both evolving or aged wines and fresher, more daily labels from all over the peninsula and produced by wineries selected by the Slow Wine guide adhering to the project.

A reality linked to its past but with an eye to the future, to the challenges and evolutions that will follow the complex period we are experiencing.



Phone:+39 0172458418


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 13
12042 Bra (CN)

The labels on sale come from PartnerWineries participating in the Wine Project and selected in collaboration with the Slow Wine guide for their harmony with Slow Food thinking, as expressed in their way of pursuing and interpreting organoleptic, territorial and environmental values.

These wines are fresh and everyday or more complex and vintage, for different tastes and moments.

Last modified: 23 Oct 2021
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