Birra del Gargano

Birra del Gargano ™ is a traveling beer firm inspired by the colours and the scents of the Mountains of the Sun.
The gipsy-styled project, born from the creative vision of Vincenzo Ottaviano, is supported by some of the best southern brewers.

Craft beers with unique features, interpreted and enriched by local noble ingredients, and, furthermore, a new modern line in cans dedicated to the world of surfing, to complete the collection.
Each product represents a link and comes from a simple intuition: the desire to enclose the moods and the emotions of a territory in a bottle of beer.

The project stands out for the synergy created with courageous producers.
Michele, from Ricucci’s Farm, provides us with the most fragrant citrus fruits of Gargano, Slow Food Presidium under the protection of the Consortium: the oldest lemon in Europe, the Femminello of Gargano IGP, enriches our Gose, while the Bionda of Gargano IGP orange peel features the iconic Bianca and our dark extra-stout Portogalla.
Regarding the grains, we rely on  Leonardo, who uses his farm Zilletta di Brancia to cultivate ancient cereals like Saragolla, that we put in our Saison.

The qualified support of our brewers, Angelo, Paolo and Vincenzo, who supervise our productions, guarantees a constant and balanced product, a symbol of territorial brewing excellence.




Via Cavour, 51
71010 Peschici (FG)

Our beer collections: Linea Gargano, traditional citrus flavored beer, and the new Linea Surf, unfiltered and unpastourized beers. You can choose glass bottles, cans or barrels.

Last modified: 21 Oct 2021
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