Birra Mastino

Birra Mastino is the craft brewery of Verona. In fact Mastino, founder of the family La Scala of Verona, has inspired the brand in addition to all the names of beers.

The brewery was established more than ten years ago. In 2015 the company has evolved, improving its productivity and organisation in order to propose craft beers with a unique and distinctive character. The main vocation, matured over time, is oriented towards low fermentations beers, following an old brewing tradition.

An attentive selection of raw materials, the study and the continuous research of production techniques as well as an obsessive cleaning of the plants are the distinctive features of our brewery, the reasons why we can offer always well balanced and very stable beers.

As they are produced with the craft method, particular attention is given to the ageing that takes place in horizontal tanks, which make them clean and limpid without any need of filtration.

Each beer is conceived and designed by Mauro Salaorni and Christian Superbi, the two members of the brewery. Mauro is responsible for the production and refinement, while Christian has the role to place them on the market. Passion, research and history are the Mastino Beers, definitely… a Real Craft Beer.


Vicolo Caduti del Lavoro, 6
37036 San Martino Buon Albergo (VR)

Last modified: 21 Oct 2021
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