Birrificio del Forte

Birrificio del Forte is an independent Italian craft brewery, which creates and reinterprets beers, unfiltered and unpasteurized, with its own style. First of all, we seek balance, elegance and constant quality through assiduous attention to detail.

Our beers are born with the idea of being paired with food, national and not only; we have the ambition to create a craft Italian identity that distinguishes us all over the world. Combining craftsmanship with technological evolution and constant quality over time is one of our greatest daily challenges. Only by doing so will our beers have the character of constancy and reliability that is an essential component of the pleasure and desire to (re)drink them.

We are inspired by classic styles but we reinterpret them in a modern and Italian key, while respecting their main characteristics. Our products offer what we first always wanted to find in a beer: ease drinkability, balance and elegance. The beers of the Forte have developed great character and personality over time, while remaining classic in their production roots.

  • Le Fondamentali: the ABC of the brewery experience (references available throughout the year)
  • Le Celebrative: four limited edition labels, each with its own production characterization, whose annual release has become a fixed appointment!
  • Le Radici: a series of creations linked to the Italian wine world, recalling our traditions and culture. Their aim is to explore the area of contamination between wine and beer through research and experimentation, while continuing to navigate away from conceptual and organoleptic extremes.



Phone:+39 0584793384


Via Della Breccia Violetta, 5 A
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)

Last modified: 21 Oct 2021
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