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The Carussin farm was born in 1927 at San Marzano Oliveto, a small town in the region of Monferrato, south of Asti (between the hills of Nizza Monferrato and Canelli), right after the settlement of its founder, Ferro Maggiore, who came from the near Calosso (it is where the name Carussin comes from, for in local dialect it means “Calossese”, or “from Calosso”).

Nowadays Bruna and Luigi “seed their dreams” on this inherited reality, applying their life philosophy. Our family portrait includes Luca, Elisabetta, Matteo, Giorgia and Iris. From 1984 there are no chemicals used on the whole surface of the farm; besides that, we follow the work in the vineyards with the biodynamic modern methods of dr. Leonello Anello, practices also applied in the cellar (we are also certied as organic farm, according to the rules “Suolo e Salute”).

Carussin waits for Your visit to present You our cellar!


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Asinoi: it is a Barbera d’Asti 100%, complex despite its simplicity! It is simple, because it contains only 12º of alcohol, has a light structure and a good fruit scent. It is complex, because it is able to satisfy You at any informal occasion, beside some bread, salami, cheese, anchovies and so many friends!
It comes from four different vineyards bought by Bruna’s grandparents, in a period when quantity was chosen over quality. These are fresh areas, not too exposed to the sun, that produce big juicy clusters!

Completo: it is a red wine, made from red grapes of several variety. It is a simple and fresh wine of immediate taste… it is basically a “demijohn” wine, bottled on one liter bottles with screwcap.

Lia Vì: this vineyard is a wonderful piece of land, both for its incredible exposure to the sun and for its elevation! The “cru” Lia Vì gives us beautiful and healthy grapes with integrity and vigor, even on the less good vintages. The Barbera Lia Vì ages for a few months on concrete tanks, from 6 to 9 months depending on the vintage.
The name Lia Vì comes from the bird Muscichava Parva, Lia Vì in dialect, that sometimes chooses the branches of this vineyard to build its nests.

Sbaraglio: Dolcetto 100%. In 2017 Luca had the idea to produce it exclusively from Dolcetto grapes, and not blended with Barbera.
Part of the proceeds from the sales of the bottles of Sbaraglio is sent to a project that reforests Ecuador, where Luca did volunteer work in 2001: “Progetto Otonga”, whose promoter and leader is the entomologist Giovanni Onore.

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