Cantina Della Volta was created by Christian Bellei, a fourth generation wine maker, backed by a group of very close friends whose support and encouragement helped push Christian to rebuild the original site of his family winery created in 1920 in Bomporto (MO).

Christian’s extraordinary palate and in depth understanding of the production of sparkling wine can be credited to a unique education from his father, Giuseppe, who started educating Christian at a young age. The choice to produce Lambrusco di Sorbara in the classic method, obtaining a product of high quality and finesse, can be seen as nothing short of extraordinary and innovative.

On the vineyard of Riccò di Serramazzoni, hills of Modena, we grow Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes used by Christian to vinify fine sparkling wines under the range “Il Mattaglio”: two still wines and two vintage reserves from single grape varietal, two brut sparkling wines and one zero dosage sparkling wine.


Phone:+39 0597473312


Via per Modena, 82
41030 Bomporto (MO)

Last modified: 16 Sep 2021
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