This breed is named after the town of Girgenti (modern-day Agrigento).

Its long, spiraling horns, reaching up to 70 centimeters on the males, make it unmistakable. With its horns and white coat, it resembles wild Asian goats, and its origins, according to some, can be traced back to the goats of Tibet.
The breed was probably brought to Sicily by the Arabs, who invaded in 827. From Mazara, they spread around the island, travelling with their animals, and the goats became established in the southwest of Sicily.

Their milk is renowned for its excellent balance between fat and protein.



Available year-round.

girgentana goat

Girgentana Goat

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In the 1920s and ’30s, farmers would sell milk by going from home to home with their flocks of Girgentana goats, milking them on the spot.

Hygiene regulations and the spread of heat-treated milk (UHT and pasteurized) led to a steep decline in the breed’s numbers. While there were 30,000 in the 1950s, now there are just over 500. The Presidium has united the last remaining farmers and wants to promote the production of raw-milk cheeses, boosting the farmers’ pride and income as well as increasing the number of Girgentana goats being farmed.

They breed and feed cheeses with raw goat’s milk from Girgentana. The Presidium cheeses are a fresh robiola and a semi-seasoned caciotta.

Cheeses producers

Valeria Casuccio, Joppolo Giancaxio (Ag), Contrada Realturco, Tel. +39 327 2291335,

Mario Lo Presti, Nicosia(En), Contrada Torre di Monaco, Tel. +39 347 2895606,

Montalbo, di Davide Lo Nardo, Campobello Di Licata (Ag), Contrada Montalbo, Tel. +39 334 9898330,

Fattoria Vassallo, di Salvatore Vassallo, Licata (Ag), Contrada Volpara, Tel. +39 393 1220007,



Avige, di Gaetano Gelo, Sciacca (Ag), Località San Calogero, Tel. +39 348 424873

Calogero Contino, Favara (Ag), Via Aldo Moro 99, Tel. +39 389 1673386,

Giovanni Fazio, Canicattì (Ag), Via dei Bancari 18, Tel. +39 347 7830193,

Giacomo Gatì, Campobello di Licata (Ag), Contrada Montalbo, Tel. +39 339 2015195, giagati@libero.i

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