The taste of origins. From 1890 to raw milk.

Agreement of trust with the territory
At the end of the 19th century, the first Francesco Rabbia, founder of the dairy, at the time just a small artisan workshop, was already active in the production of tome. Since that time, a pact of trust was signed with the territory: the plain, at the foot of Monviso, provides cows, sheep and goats with the best pastures. The Grana Valley, in the province of Cuneo, where the cheeses mature, guarantees unique aromas and scents.

Since 1890 in copper boilers
Hand beated and forged according to the dairy tradition. There are three copper boilers owned by Caseificio Francesco Rabbia where, today as then, the Piedmontese tome are formed. On each of them is perfectly preserved the plate that indicates the date on which the copper was molded. The oldest one dates back to 1840, when the first Francesco Rabbia chose it for his work.

From hand to hand: only linen canvases
Like the great tailors, the Caseificio Francesco Rabbia has chosen only linen. The canvases wrap and wrap every cheese (toma). It is the cheesemakers who massage and take care of the cheese that will come. The practice is exclusively manual and, from the curd, every shape that will be is characterized by a unique imprint. The grooves of the fingers and hands are distinguishable signs of a true craftsman’s work.

The quality is discovered raw
Only raw milk. To preserve the taste of its origins, the dairy has chosen to process the milk without subjecting it to any heat treatment. What characterizes the tome Piemontesi Francesco Rabbia are the natural tastes of the countryside, the same that the animals find in their daily ration. All the cheeses are real expression, declination and conjugation of the scents of nature and a history of more than 130 years.


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Since 1890 in the province of Cuneo, in the cheese district. According to the ancient dairy tradition. Strictly raw milk.

The Francesco Rabbia Cheese Factory is deeply rooted in the Piedmontese territory. For over 120 years, it has been committed to the enhancement of the art of cheese-making and the preservation of ancient recipes. Today, as then, it produces artisan cheeses made with raw milk and in copper cauldrons. The transformation is the exclusive work of man’s ingenuity and work, with manual bandaging in linen cloths. The cheeses, expression of the territory, tell the flavors of the past.

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