Casu 'e Babbu

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Casu ‘e Babbu is a company specialized in the production and direct sale of raw Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese, semi-matured and matured.

Casu ‘e Babbu cheese is a traditional sheep’s milk cheese from Lodè, made by hand with raw milk from grazing Sardinian sheep, with natural bacterial flora from the pastures, without ferments, neither chemical nor natural, which would change the taste of our cheese.
Only milk, rennet and salt. That’s all.


From my father and other elders I learned the importance of the pastures, I understood how moving the sheep you get different cheeses that reflect the different herbs and plants on which the sheep feed.

I tried to differentiate myself from industrial dairies by maintaining the art of cheese-making – a cultural heritage inherited from my great-grandparents, which is the fruit of years of experience and passion – and focusing on the identity of the pasture. As a matter of fact, each pasture has its own imprint, which results on the unique flavor of my cheese Casu ‘e Babbu.


Phone:+39 339 4068049


Loc. Sant'Anna
08020 Lodè (NU)
alta baronia sheep cheese

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Last modified: 18 Oct 2021
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