Consorzio Vacche Rosse (Red Cows Consortium): a long hostory of love and quality

Ours is a long history dating back to the year 1000, when the Benedictine monks began to make cheese from the milk of the Vacche Rosse (Red Cows) which arrived on our soil along with the barbarian invaders. Since then, and later with the birth of the Consorzio Vacche Rosse in 1991, a group of forward-thinking farmers have made it their mission to protect and promote the Red Cow breed. Their hard work, tenacity and dedication fostered a steady recovery in the number of cows then at risk of extinction, gradually gathering more and more recognition.

The Consorzio Vacche Rosse represents an agricultural heritage of excellence as well as a protection of biodiversity, and today is made up of around 30 members, producing over 10,000 wheels of cheese each year.
In the interests of tradition and the preservation of the breed’s unique characteristics, we respect the philosophy of those who want to bring outstanding quality to the table: far from intensive farming methods, with a respect for nature, the seasons and animals.
Our primary objectives are to enhance studies and research accompanied by experimentation, with the aim of obtaining results of an increasingly high quality in order to promote the product.

And it is from all this that the Vacche Rosse Parmigiano Reggiano was born: a cheese with a sweet and persistent flavour which conserves the scent of the milk and the aromas of the countryside.


Phone:+39 0522 294655


Via F.lli Rosselli 41/2
42123 Reggio Emilia (RE)

Red Cows Parmigiano-Reggiano is the undisputed star of the Consortium, but the milk of the Red Cows is also used to make other authentic and delicious products.

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