The Slow Food Community of Olive Trees and Olive Growers for the Territory was born with the idea of uniting the territories of Molise and surrounding areas in a single project.

Small producers together, with a single goal: to safeguard biodiversity.

Revive our land in full respect of the environment and history, rediscovering forgotten cultivars. Ours is a research aimed at the past but with an eye straight to the future, experimenting with new technologies to find products representative of our landscape, our culture, our history.

All together to confront each other, share data collected, useful information to all olive growers, respecting environmental sustainability and safeguarding nature.


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Three different producers, custodians of the Biodiversity of Olive Oil in Molise:

  • COLONIA JULIA, located in Venafro
  • TRESPALDUM, in Mafalda
  • TAMARO, in Colletorto

A single objective: to preserve and enhance the indigenous and centuries-old olive trees of Molise, using modern technologies for a new interpretation of land management.

Three different oils, virtuous realities able to interpret and respect the Molise.

  • Aurina

Intense fruity, with hints of almond and artichoke. notes of bitter intensity medium-light. Medium spicy, green color with yellow reflections. Medium fluidity.

  • Gentile di Mafalda, cultivar registered in 2014, as the 19th variety and included in the olive oil heritage of Molise

Medium intense fruity, characterized by a particular scent of green tomato, tomato leaf and herbs. Bitter and spicy notes of elegant persistence.

  • Rumignana

Intense fruity. Intense golden yellow color with green veins, definite and rotund bouquet, rich in vegetal hints of artichoke and chicory, to which are added distinct notes of black pepper. Its taste is ample and full of character, with a flavour of lettuce, wild thistle and balsamic herbs with distinct hints of mint, rosemary and sage. Powerful bitterness and strong pungency.

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