Water, barley malt, hops, yeast, plus commitment and passion: these are the simple ingredients to produce a beer.
Ours comes from the study and the search for quality raw materials, the best combinations of products and different brewing styles, which lead to the choice of an artisanal beer, neither filtered nor pasteurized, without other additives.

It was an ambitious and original idea for our territory. But I was becoming mostly clear that evenour city should have had a product in beer style of high level, such as to satisfy the taste of the enthusiast.

After two intense years of study, passion, dedication and work, finally at the beginning of 2016 the project becomes real with the new brewery BIRRIFICIO REGGINO® in Gallico district and the start of production.

Here we present BREYS®, more than a beer, a path: a series of beers, the result of careful studies and careful selection, with a view to innovation supported by the most modern patented technological systems of production without ever abandoning the traditional classic style of beer.



Phone:+39 3711193995


Gallico Superiore - Strada Statale,184 Condominio Fondaco Nuovo 16
89135 Reggio di Calabria (RC)

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Birrificio Reggino

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