Ramandolo tells the story of impervious vineyards, hard work, passion and sacrifices and is really the product of one man’s life’s work.

Giovanni Dri saw the potential of Ramandolo as a wine region fifty years ago and set about unmasking this potential. To turn his dreams into reality Giovanni transformed the small, inherited tract of land into a steep hillside vineyard: the last reach of winemaking in north-eastern Italy.
Today it is one of the most recognized wineries in Friuli.

Strongly anchored in tradition but looking towards the future, he transmitted the same passion and tenacity to his family who works with him shoulder to shoulder, striving to make their best, better. In addition to Ramandolo wine in three versions, red wines of character mostly from native grapes and a single dry white wine, Sauvignon.

Since 1987 he distills his pomace of grapes himself and since 2002 has 2000 olive plants and produces extra virgin olive oil.





Our family-run company is located in the eastern hills of Friuli, in the Ramandolo village, which is the northernmost area of grapevine cultivation in Friuli.

Ramandolo area is mainly known for the production of a sweet wine called Ramandolo, the first DOCG in Friuli, and the only wine in Friuli taking the name of its territory of origin. It is a very special sweet wine indeed, often defined as “sweet not sweet”: its sweetness is perfectly balanced by the natural tannins which are one of the typical characteristic of Verduzzo grape, from which it is obtained. In addition to Ramandolo dessert wine, our area is best known for red wines of strong character and individuality, obtained in particular from indigenous grapes such as Refosco, Schioppettino and Pignolo. Only a dry white wine, Sauvignon.

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The territory of Ramandolo is our history, our tradition and our future.  Extreme and difficult territory. Our “shed” welcomes visitors, it is modern, but with wood and stone of Mount Bernadia, in the cellar no technology… we let the tradition guide us.

The Ramandolo wine is our flag to which we add other wines mostly from native grapes.

Stefania continues with the same passion and tenacity as Giovanni.

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