I Lochi is a commercial farm located in Bronte (Sicily), a town now well-known for its P.D.O Green Pistachio, a Slow Food Presidium. Lochi is the dialectal term for the groves where pistachio plants are grown: they are wild and rocky plots of land where other plants could not be easily cultivated… On the contrary, the perfect union between lava soil, rich in minerals, and pistachio plant produces the PDO Bronte Green Pistachio, a fruit really unique and exquisite for its taste, aroma, color and quality.

It is in this special land that two farms, handed down for generations, have decided to join forces in order to offer an excellent product that can qualitatively and quantitatively satisfy the increasing demands of the international market. More than 50% of the pistachio is harvested on our own land, which can be visited all year round, even during the harvest period.

The centuries-old tradition and the high quality of our product represent the cornerstones of I lochi company. They are also our source of pride, which inspires and guides our farm everyday, along with a careful control of all production steps (harvesting, storage, shelling, processing and packaging).



Phone:+39 3282513628


Cortile Cimabue 2
95034 Bronte (Ct)
bronte pistachio

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From the lava to the table: the path of our P.D.O. Bronte Pistachio Verde, the unique and inimitable one.


Last modified: 24 Sep 2021
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