ROCCO DI CARPENETO - radical wines from Upper Monferrato

Rocco di Carpeneto – radical wines in Upper Monferrato is a boutique, strictly natural winery located in Carpeneto (Al), amidst the Upper Monferrato hills, in the SE, closer-to-the-sea corner of Piedmont region.
Wine production is exclusively focused on Piedmont-native grapes: barbera, cortese, dolcetto, albarossa, freisa, nebbiolo, each declined in different crus.
We are member of VinNatur and FIVI.

Rocco di Carpeneto wines are made up with sun, earth and our own passion only, in strict adherence to Upper Monferrato nature’s pace. We draw reasoned inspiration from the “do nothing” farming principles. Vines are organically treated with very limited quantities of copper and sulphur, and managed with permanent spontaneous grassing or green manures from many different leguminosae and graminaceae species. Grapes are rigorously hand picked in small baskets.

Spontaneous fementations are carried out (wild yeast only). There are no additives apart from, sometimes, very low quantities of sulphites (our wines are almost always under 10 mg/l), as well as no filtration, fining, stabilisation or other intrusive wine making practices.





Via Strada Cascina Rocco, 500
15071 Carpeneto (AL)

Last modified: 23 Oct 2021
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