Il Vascello del Monsignore - Ancient Vinegars since 1770

Talking about vinegar means entering into a legend, crossing the centuries, turning to a mysterious and fascinating icon… Our history is closely linked to that archaic wisdom, preserved over the centuries with love and passion for that tradition that today has become art and testimony of a specific culture.
Always telling these word, my grandfather Giorgio guided me, as a child, to the attic to stir the vinegar in the barrels and to teach me this art of his.

So, it’s from a family secret and an arcane inheritance kept confidential, in the warm atmosphere of the attics, that our company was born. We are an ancient and artisanal vinegar producer located in the heart of the Parco Nazionale Appennino Tosco-Emiliano in CervarezzaTerme, in the Municipality of Ventasso.

For us, a fundamental concept is to have no impact on the environment and we fully share the ideals of good, clean and fair of #SlowFood. We strive every day to carry on an artisanal tradition handed down to us by our ancestors since 1770: each bottle is waxed and bottled exclusively by hand, each vinegar is produced in a natural way:

  • cooked grape must from our land and barrels of five woods, arranged in staggered batteries for the balsamico vinegard Il Principe Nero
  • vinegars from grapes of our land flavored by infusion with rose petals, medicinal herbs or wildflower honey produced in our Apennines for the Aromatic Vinegar.

We work with great care and respect to tradition and to the preservation of the 300 years-old vinegard’s production method used by my forefathers.

Our vinegard lab is located in the Appenino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, which together with the neighbouring areas in the two Regions has been recognized as a UNESCO MaB Man & Biosphere Reserve, being the focal point of the Euro-Mediterranean climate frontier. This characteristic has determined the setting up of a complex ecological and cultural mosaic, which in turn is the basis of the evolution of the landscape.




Via Cà di Sotto 5
42032 Cervarezza Terme (Reggio Emilia)

A few shots that tell you who we are, our attic, our story, our passion. Photos: Marco Cherubini.

Last modified: 16 Sep 2021
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