From quality milk comes quality cheese

In these few words are contained the principles and values of the company, namely the importance of the bases, the raw material and the quality of the product, at every stage of processing.
As proof of this, in the mountains and in the La Meiro mountain pastures, the animals are treated as an integral part of the farm, and not as a mere production tool.

From their fresh milk we produce:

  • the Castelmagno di montagna DOP, made in the winter period, with cows in the cowshed fed with hay. We obtain a cheese that has a purely white color, given by the dry grass
  • the Castelmagno di alpeggio DOP, made in the summer period, in mountain pastures ranging from 1700 to 2220 meters above sea level, with the cows grazing eating the fresh grass. This cheese is in fact more herbaceous, a fundamental characteristic to distinguish it from the mountain one.

The minimum seasoning is 120 days, but it is with the passing of time that Castelmagno acquires unique flavors, scents and colors.

In La Meiro, the seasoning takes place inside caves of Roman tuff, a natural stone able to maintain a high level of humidity: there are 5 and they are located 5 meters underground, ensuring a constant temperature all year round. And even though the minimum maturation period is two months, the best maturing periods are between 12 and 24 months, and they are the ones that really allow you to taste the cheese. Some cheeses, which we consider unique pieces for true enthusiasts, up to seven years.


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