Magamila Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (PGI)

The history of our company is that of a land handed down over the centuries and passed on from generation to generation.
Magamila is situated in the province of Enna, right in the heart of Sicily. We strive to work with the mission of enhancing this land by making use the resources that nature and territory offer us, bringing together innovation, sustainability and a respect for the environment.

Twelve acres of Magamila are carefully cultivated with olive trees. We grow olives of three varieties: Biancolilla, Cerasuola, and Nocellara Etnea.
We have chosen these three cultivars because together the blend creates a unique taste that is characterised by full bodied and fruity notes. Further, Magamila has won gold prize for quality at the London International Olive Oil Competition 2020.

Our oil is cold extracted and certified organic and PGI. 





Strada Comunale 193 Barresi Berardi
94100 Enna (En)

Last modified: 28 Oct 2021
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