Grown in the area around Modena since the 19th century, this cherry variety began to be widely sold in the early years of the 1900s.

Though known as the Moretta di Vignola, in different places it can also be called ciliegia mora, Mora di Vignola, ciliegia nera or simply ciliegia to distinguish it from the firm-fleshed variety also found in the area, generically known as duroni. The fruits are of average size, the skin is thin, shiny and, when the fruits are completely ripe, almost black in color. The dark blackish-red flesh is tender and very juicy, with a sweet, slightly tart and very aromatic flavor. Excellent eaten fresh, they are also well suited to making jams and compotes.

Along the flat valley floors, the cherries ripen between the end of May and the first 10 days of June, while in hilly, mountain land the harvest can continue for all of June. In the 1940s and ‘50s the Vignola Moretta represented over 25% of cherry production in the province of Modena, concentrated mostly in the area around Vignola. These days, however, production has fallen to just a few dozen quintals.

The old Vignola Moretta plantings were characterized by large distances between the trees (e.g. 10 meters by 10 meters), which were intercropped with other species, like grapevines. When the spaces between the rows of trees were not grassed over, they would be planted with vegetables, grains or fodder crops.

In the 1980s it was replaced by more specialized plantations. Tall trees and the typical long wooden ladders used for the harvest almost completely disappeared, giving way to smaller trees, trained into espaliers or low bush shapes so that the fruit could be harvested from the ground or with the help of short ladders.

The Moretta has also been replaced by cultivars that start producing more quickly and whose fruits are better suited to storage and commercialization.

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The Presidium wants to raise the profile of the Vignola Moretta cherry, both for its unique sensory characteristics and for the social and environmental value linked to the cultivation of tall trees and their harvesting techniques.

In collaboration with the Department of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies of the University of Bologna and the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Slow Food began to identify the most suitable lands for cherry cultivation with the aim of plant 5,000 new trees in the next 10 years.


Production area
Municipalities in the foothills area of Panaro river and Samoggia and Guerro streams of Modena province

Along the flat valley floors, the cherries ripen between the end of May and the first 10 days of June, while in hilly, mountain land the harvest can continue for all of June. All year long is available processed in compote.



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