The Nebrodi massif is the great green heart of Sicily: over 50 thousand hectares of woods located in the north-eastern part of Sicily, which divide the Ionian coast from the Tyrrhenian one. In the valleys crossed by rivers are cultivated citrus and, up to about 800 meters above sea level, olive trees alternating with hazelnut and chestnut trees.

In particular, the Fiumara of Sinagra and Naso, the municipalities of the valley of Fitalia and some neighboring areas of Castell’Umberto and Sinagra represent the habitat where a rare and ancient Sicilian olive tree grows: the Minuta.

Approximately 90% of olive groves, especially in the highest hillside, is planted to minuta: a rustic cultivar, more resistant to adverse weather conditions of Santagatese, Ogliarola Messina or green, grown at lower altitudes.
Testimony of the historical importance of the small olive in the territory are the many olive groves over one hundred years old and still productive.

The Minuta has excellent nutritional qualities: it has a high component of orthophenols – able to reduce the risk of development of cancer cells – and a significant concentration of vitamin E, antioxidant.

The fruits are medium-small and medium-early ripening.
Harvesting is done manually from October to November, depending on the degree of ripeness and altitude. It proceeds to the bacchiatura, that is the shaking of the branches with a pole, placing nets under the olive trees to prevent the dispersion of olives in the fall and contact with the ground.

The pressing is cold and the oil obtained is fruity, very delicate and has a very low acidity. The Minuta is one of the three main cultivars of DOP Valdemone, along with the santagatese and ogliarola Messina.


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Sinagra e alcuni comuni limitrofi dei Nebrodi
minuta olive

Minuta Olive

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Producing extra virgin olive oil with only the Minuta cultivar is expensive: yields are low and harvesting costs are high because the terrain is uneven.
Minuta oil is at its best in the first eight to ten months of life and it is necessary to find technological solutions to overcome this problem and preserve its characteristics for longer.

The Presidium brings together a number of Minuta growers who produce a single-variety oil according to strict production regulations.

The oil of Minuta is delicate, with a proper balance between bitter and spicy, rich in light fruity scents, with floral notes, unusual characteristics among Sicilian oils that, normally, are characterized by stronger and spicy notes. It is therefore particularly suitable for fish dishes.

The Minute olives are also good table olives and the local tradition proposes them preserved in various ways: “a tinello”, that is in brine with a mixture of water and sea salt, with the addition of herbs of the flora of Nebrodi (wild fennel, garlic, bay leaves and rosemary) or “a suppresso”, that is pressed in layers, in containers of wood or ceramic, with salt and herbs.



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