Between the Erei mountains and the Dittaino valley, in the province of Enna, springs are very rainy and summers are humid. The rich vegetation (on, vetch, rosemary and wild fennel as well as many other plants of the Mediterranean scrub) that grows between 400 and 800 meters above sea level makes it one of the Sicilian provinces with the largest number of sheep farms. Comisana, Pinzirita, Valle del Belice are just some of the native Sicilian breeds raised among these hills.

Since ancient times, from sheep milk together with saffron cultivated in the area, it is possible to obtain Piacentinu, a pecorino “which is liked” (that’s the meaning of its local name).
There are many anecdotes connected to its production. Legend has it that Roger I, Count of Altavilla, already in the eleventh century cured the depression of his wife Adelasia by inviting the local cheese makers to add a pinch of saffron to the preparation of pecorino.

Produced in nine municipalities of the province of Enna, it has a compact paste and is unique in its kind: it is in fact flavored with saffron – which gives the paste its characteristic yellow color – and black peppercorns – soaked in hot water the night before production. The processing technique, which involves the addition of hot water to the curd, and the careful use of salt make it one of the least aggressive cheeses in Sicily, the “most European”.

After a maturation of about 60 days, it has a delicate smell and an aromatic and sweetish taste due to the presence of saffron.


Phone:+39 330 528052


Comuni di Aidone, Assoro, Barrafranca, Calascibetta, Enna, Piazza Armerina, Pietraperzia, Valguarnera, Villarosa

At the moment only three producers produce piacentinù ennese, using raw milk, natural rennet and saffron produced in the 9 communes of the area.

The current production cannot satisfy the market as the demand is higher than the production. The Presidium aims to re-evaluate this historic cheese from the Enna province and involve other cheesemakers in the production area in order to increase the quantity produced and make it known outside Sicily.


Production Area
The municipalities of Aidone, Assoro, Barrafranca, Calascibetta, Enna, Piazza Armerina, Pietraperzia, Valguarnera and Villarosa in the province of Enna.



Caseari Di Venti, Calascibetta (En), Contrada Tresauro, Tel. +39 388 9438932,

Caseificio Valvo, Enna, Contrada Salerno, Tel. +39 0935 541669,

Centro Form, Aidone (En), Contrada Vanelle, Tel. +39 0935 88113,

Il Cavalcatore, Contrada Cavalcatore snc, Assoro (En), Tel. +39 0935 667255,

Gaetano Curatolo, Enna, Contrada Cozzo di Povero, Tel. +39 0935 1824639,

Raja, Enna, Contrada Raja, SS 121 Km 98.8, Tel. +39 0935 25019,

I Sapori della Terra, Enna, Contrada S. Tomasello, Tel. +39 0935 533646,

Giuseppe Spitale, Enna, Contrada Canneti, Tel. +39 334 9877914,

Tenuta Bubudello, Enna, Contrada Bubudello, Tel. +39 0935 671316,

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