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Our company was founded in 1901, in an area dedicated to the production of cherries and that is why our family decided to continue the production of cherries. We produce old varieties such as Grisona, Pistoia and Bella di Garbagna which has become a Slow Food Presidium and new varieties. For the 100 years of activity we have decided to introduce a line of processed cherries that includes:

  • Virtues: sweet and sour cherries, a bagna with water with cloves and vinegar. Excellent with salads and cheeses. Dedicated to those looking for something out of line but at the same time of quality.
  • Memories: cherries in syrup with water and sugar. Designed for those always looking for a treat.
  • Aurora: our cherry liqueur that makes 21 degrees, for a sweet and lively end of a meal.
  • Bella di Garbagna: traditional cherries in spirit, for those who are not satisfied and looking for strong flavors.
  • Character: our cherry jam, dedicated to those who love sweetness.
  • Character without sugar: our cherry jam without added sugar, only with the sugar present in the cherry. For those who do not like to give up sweetness.
  • Bold: the sour cherry dressing, designed for those who want to try new flavors.
  • Maliziose: our cherry mustard to accompany boiled cherries, dedicated to those who can not give up tradition with a pinch of novelty.

These are our products processed by Bella di Garbagna cherry: we have chosen this variety for processing because it is a crunchy cherry, which keeps its crunchiness despite the various processes of transformation.

Our company also produces apricots and potatoes. Our potatoes are not irrigated, because we all have land in the mountains, so they receive water from mother nature. We produce three types of potato varieties:

  • White paste potatoes: Kennebec excellent for gnocchi
  • Yellow paste potatoes: the Monalisa is excellent to make in the oven but used for many types of processes
  • Yellow flesh – red skin potatoes: the Desiree, excellent for frying, also used with the skin.

Our company also breeds Piemontese beef cattle.


Phone:338 4392377 - 334 2691665


Fraz. Cà dei Bianchi 5
15050 Garbagna (AL)
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Some pictures to show You our colourful products

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