Carnaroli Gran Riserva
It is rice that ages untreated for one year; this ageing process was already known and extensively used in ancient times. In fact, after drying, rice still has to acquire all its top-quality characteristics. Rice, when aged and stored with care, greatly increases in size and this reduces the dispersion of starch and minerals during cooking.
The grains of our Carnaroli Gran Riserva do not stick during cooking and keep their shape and resist over-cooking.
The Artemide variety derives from the combination of Venus rice (medium grain and black pericarp) and Indica rice (long, narrow grain and white pericarp). It is brown, aromatic, black in colour. Artemide rice has an intense and pleasant aroma. Grains have a nice elongated shape. Given its close relationship to Venus rice, it is rich in iron and silicon – with silicon being very important for its antioxidant properties. Artemide rice is excellent when cooked with cheese, fish, vegetables and mushrooms.
The farm
In addition to its organoleptic and nutritional qualities, the rice produced in Casalbeltrame by La Mondina Farm, owned by the family of Luigi and Carlo Guidobono Cavalchini, makes the most of its long-standing tradition.
A tradition that goes back in time, a tradition that has continued with time, following several hereditary successions, with the marquises Cuttica di Cassine and, currently, with the barons Guidobono Cavalchini.Tradition draws its strength not only from the passing of time: it becomes a real driving force when it goes hand in hand with the hard work of generations, with a sense of “belonging” to one’s land, with love and absolute respect for nature, with a commitment to reach increasingly high quality levels. The rice we produce is excellent: its greatest quality (and our pride) comes from the opinion of those who have tasted it.


Phone:+39 3491746928


Via Gautieri, 2
28060 Casalbeltrame (Novara)

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