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“Peach in the bag” is a peculiar yellow peach, a specialty of Leonforte, Sicily, Italy.

Its most famous feature is a paper bag, used to protect every single peach on the tree from pests without the aid of chemical products. Compared to the mainstream peach varieties, which are fruit of high engineering and offer a unvarying taste, peaches-in-bag are delicious and full of shades.

According to our tradition, when the peaches are grown ripe and sugary, we pick, peel and put them in syrup.




Contrada Samperi S.s. 121 - Km 91,100
94013 Leonforte (EN)
peach in a bag

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  • From farm to table: we make everything in our farm, from the cultivation to the packaging,  strictly controlling every single phase.
  • Tradition: we bag by hand every single peach directly on the tree as our tradition tells us.
  • Slow Food Presidium: the Presidia sustain quality production at risk of extinction, protect unique regions and ecosystems, recover traditional processing methods, safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties like our peaches.
  • Natural: we do not spray any chemical products and we use only organic fertilizers.
  • Peeled by hand: ours Peach Slices in Syrup are peeled by hand to save the taste, the sweetness and the consistency.

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