Slow Food Ikaria community is preserving the local culture, the small scale production of food, sustainability and health for the people and the soil. It is also nominating the typical local products in the Ark of Taste and is promoting the local food varieties: Stravoradi pear, chestnuts, local apricots, Pramnos Ikarian wine, Kathoùra local cheese. Additionally, Slow Food community creates  Earth Markets in the Island and an umbrella for the activities of local co-operatives, producers and farmers.

The Women’s Co-operative of Raches in Ikaria was founded in November 2009. Their aim is to use and promote Ikarian products while creating local jobs. It is the first Women’s Co-operative on the island and consists of 7 active young women from the Raches area of Ikaria.

The Co-operative was founded, and continues to be supported by the courage, the determination, the will for work and the love that its members have for the island. The only criteria for all of our products is that they must be of high quality and Ikarian in origin. Their recipes are a balanced mix of old, authentic recipes and new fresh tastes.

They buy raw ingredients from small producers on the island that embrace the philosophy of sustainable and organic agriculture. Their workshop and their pastry, coffee shop, that is on the square of Christos Rachon, offers a wide variety of marmalades, spoon sweets, pickles, chutneys, herbs, woven products, wax creams, soaps, wood carvings etc.

The care for the land and the Ikarian environment extends to the sea by organizing the transportation of these high quality products to other Greek islands, the Greek mainland and to Mediterranean ports with Aegean Cargo Sailing. 

Sailing Transport of Products

Aegean Cargo Sailing, has for four years transported fine products from the Aegean by wind energy. Their main goal is the promotion of local products ecologically produced in small scale both to Greek ports- mainly in the Aegean islands, but also to the mainland – as well as to European markets (Italy, France, Switzerland). ACS is the only wind sailing cargo operation in the Mediterranean so far. At a time when climate change is an extremely critical global issue and the use of alternative energy sources is more urgent than ever, the Aegean Cargo Sailing initiative aims to gradually – on a permanent basis and on a real scale – establish the sailing transportation of products and at the same time to enhance the development of mild eco-tourism in Greece and the Mediterranean.

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Ikarian products travel by wind and sail to Italy!

Last modified: 23 Oct 2021
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