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Swiss Cheeses come from the land. Appreciated for their unique and authentic taste, they are worked by master craftsmen, respecting ancient traditions. Without any additives, they contain only natural ingredients: locally produced milk, rennet and bacterial cultures, from the region of origin.

Switzerland is a country of meadows and pastures, where livestock are fed with high-quality fodder, where there is strict legislation that guarantees the protection and respect of animals. It is not for nothing that Swiss milk is called “white gold”.
Fresh grazing grass is the natural diet of cows. On the meadows the herd moves freely and this improves both longevity and fertility. The fodder that dairy cows eat is produced directly on the farm or in its close vicinity; therefore transport is reduced to a minimum and also CO2 emissions: an intact environment essential to the good health of cows.

The raw material is absolutely natural as well as its processing and seasoning. Behind this genuineness we find passion and craftsmanship and a rigorous inspection system. By choosing Swiss Cheeses, it helps to promote family-run farms, environmentally friendly production and fair remuneration for the work provided. In return you have the guarantee to buy a healthy food, good, natural and rich in nutrients.

Swiss Cheeses are many and varied: each type has its own characteristics and differs in the methods of processing and maturing. Still they all share a strong link with their region of origin, from which many draw the AOP brand, synonymous with the highest standards of origin, production and quality. These are cheeses of character, suitable for a balanced and complete diet: a real pleasure to be enjoyed on every occasion of the day in purity or protagonists of a thousand recipes.



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Cheeses from Switzerland: the taste of healthy eating

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