The Tenuta Castello farm spans 500 hectares of agricultural land, 120 ha of which are producing rice of the highest quality, mostly from organic production (85%). The remaining land is made up of mountain pastures, where our cows  spend the summer.

Our biggest pride is Carnaroli Classico (100% purity), produced from seeds certified by Ente Nazionale Sementi Elette. It is air-dried at low temperature and processed with a very light stone pile in order to keep the quality of the grain unaltered. Darker, therefore, “uglier” but with less risk of raising the glycemic index, better resistance to cooking and above all more taste.

In a vision of circular economy, in 2004 we started to raise cows of Piedmontese Breed, in order to produce all the manure used in the rice cultivation. All of our cows are fed with fodder grown on our organic soils, shredded grass or organic flours derived from rice processing and organic corn  flour.

We follows farming techniques designed to respect Nature both when preparing the land before the sewing and after the harvest:

  • To prepare the land for cultivation comprehends the use of organic manure from our cows; annual crop rotation; maximum attention to limit carbon emissions in the air thanks to the low ventilation of the land and to the use of light plowing (light use of harrow), as well as maintaining green crops in autumn/winter to generate oxygen for photosynthesis.
  • After the harvest, around the end of October, a mix of rye-grass, vetch and clover is sown with selected and organic seeds, the in April these are buried  with the plow. Subsequently the soils are flooded with 1-2 cm of water and weeds are allowed to grow (a procedure called false seeding) for 10/15 days. Subsequently we work on the land  with special harrows to uproot and bury the newly born weeds. Herbicides are completely excluded  from the process and the sowing of the rice is then carried out and the cultivated fields are flooded.

Since  May 2020 we have been using green mulching on part of our land.  It consists in pressing down the weeds with a roller  as to make a carpet (mulch) that ferments and prevents the birth of weeds. Now we  are ready to sow organic rice.


Phone:+39 375 5983966


Piazza Castello, 8
13034 DESANA (VC)

The company philosophy makes the method… and the method makes the final product. This is the common thread of Tenuta Castello: a company that follows the entire production chain from field to table, a place where every hectare of land and every grain of rice reflect the values ​​we believe in.

From the photos you can see the commitment, the hard work and the knowledge that have been handed down for generations:

  • respect for the earth and maintenance of the ecosystem
  • absence of chemicals in the cultivation and processing of our organic rice
  • constant research to improve our organic farming methods
  • total company recirculation for which nothing is waste and everything can be useful for agriculture. Take the manure of our cows, which is used as a fertilizer for rice, or some by-products of rice processing, which become supplement food for the cattle)
  • artisan and very light rice processing to keep all its qualities intact

Last modified: 21 Oct 2021
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