The company Tenuta Santori was born from a challenge: Marco is a young man who belongs to a family of excellent plant nurserymen, who know what the land is and how to work it. They have the privilege of living in the Piceno area, in the Marche region, rich in history and beauty with a breathtaking panorama that extends from Gran Sasso to the Sibillini Mountains to Dalmatia.
Marco trained at the University of Viticulture and Oenology in Teramo, he took advantage of his studies to travel and gain experience in important companies of the sector: Spain, California, France. From time to time he holds more and more specific and important positions. The curiosity, passion and satisfaction of feeling recognized in their work are the drive to continue to travel. But the call of his own land becomes stronger and stronger.

And the challenge comes from here: to try to create a winery in Ripatransone that not only replicates the characteristics of excellence seen elsewhere, but tries to do better because, After all – says Marco – we don’t lack anything to do well: we have a generous territory, we have tradition, native vines, a lot of know-how, so we try to excel, to be an example in quality and style!

In 2012 was born the winery, beautiful, perfectly camouflaged in the hill where the estate stands: twenty-five hectares, cultivated according to organic regulations, with olive groves and vineyards of native varieties, such as Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Passerina, Pecorino and Trebbiano.

Yes, a modern and super technological winery with zero environmental impact. A deliberate choice not to disfigure with an industrial shed the panorama of these wonderful hills, explains with pride and seriousness Marco Santori.

His collaborators, a few, those of all time, those who have already helped his parents in the nursery, who have seen him grow up and love him. It is not a matter of numbers, but a matter of passion, quality and heart.

The oenologist: Pierluigi Lorenzetti.
Marco tells us: The moment I decided to ask an oenologist for advice, I had no doubt about the person to whom I could entrust my cellar. The resulting agreement was immediate. I already knew Pierluigi, being both from Grottammare, and as soon as we began to collaborate I immediately recognized his excellent quality and great passion for his work, which further increased the admiration I already felt for him.
He is a great professional, from whom I can learn so much and it is a real privilege to work with him.
Together we are doing a painstaking job on every native grape variety, tracing the style of Tenuta Santori wines.




C.da Montebove, 14
63038 Ripatransone (AP)

Last modified: 23 Oct 2021
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