Valdibella, a sustainable project within which all resources, both human and natural, find their own realization.

It was born in June 1998 in an area with a strong agricultural and rural vocation in the nort-west of Sicily, joining the Ithaca Salesian community, which deals with the reception of young people with social discomfort and promoting their insertion into the world of work through the “Jonathan” project.

From the beginning the cooperative has tried to unhinge not only cultural but also cultural stratifications that in recent centuries have dominated the Sicilian territory: that is to restore the dignity to farmers, promoting concrete actions against commercial and labor exploitation, and fielding agricultural methods organic that focus on biodiversity and native crops.


Phone:+39 0924582021


Via Belvedere, 91
90043 Camporeale (PA)

Production at Valdibella is driven by a fundamental desire to develop our local agricultural territory.

We aim to be profitable without compromising our organic sustainable approach, applying valuable measures to establish a quality biological and environmental equilibrium.

Focused on creating a more sustainable and balanced agro-ecosystem, every commercial crop is interspersed with indigenous plants (grapevine, olive, almond, fig and pomegranate).

They are also surrounded by native floral and fauna in the Camporeale countryside. Our fields are nurtured and defended through targeted soil fertility and foliage management actions with very low environmental impact, to achieve a high quality product.

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