For over a century our family has dedicated itself to the care of its own vineyards and the production of wines that are sincere expression of the Piceno territory. We practice sustainable agriculture, respectful of the local traditions and guardian of the healthiness of the environment and the beauty of the landscape.

We believe in the centrality of the soil and nature, for this reason we respect its cycles and its balance. We practice sensitive agriculture that respects the rhythms of the earth and the succession of seasons. We refuse the use of any corrective measures aware of our role as custodians of an environment and a landscape, the Marche region, evolved over the centuries thanks to the meticulous work of local farmers. Our wines reflect the soul of the territory in which they are born, taking with them a wealth of history, traditions and personality.

Art and wine are considered similar in both material nature and a genuine spiritual power. Both are able to tell stories and excite; we like the idea of introducing artists from our region while you enjoy a bottle of wine meticulously crafted in the same area.




C.da la Rocca, 28
63079 Colli del Tronto (AP)

Last modified: 23 Oct 2021
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