The Visciola (Prunus cerasus, austere variety) is the typical and autochthonous cherry of the Apennine areas of the Marche region. It belongs to the group of sour cherries, with amarena and marasca, but it stands out for its reduced shape, intense purple colour and very acidic taste. Arrived in these territories in the early Middle Ages with the barbarian invasions, it immediately adapted to the soil and climate, thanks to its rusticity. Over the centuries, every farmer in the area kept a few examples of this tree near his home, using the fruits for many products, whose recipes have been handed down from generation to generation.

It is from here, on the hills of San Lorenzo in Campo (PU), that in 2013 the Luca Tenti farm was born, focusing on the old visciola trees present next home and on the methods of processing the fruit of his family. The young owner, fresh from agronomic studies, has started his own farm setting this millenary fruit at the very centre of his work. Immediately some cherries plants have been realized, with the greatest attention to the research and the conservation of the old varieties. These phenotypes have naturally formed adapting to the Marche region over the centuries and are a very precious material not to be lost, especially with the current climate changes.

Nowadays we care about ten varieties, plus other ones under observation in order to evaluate their differences. In the farm, cherries are used to obtain many products, from the ancient cherries wine (already produced in the Middle Ages), jam and cherries in syrup processed in the sun. In addition to these most traditional products, Luca Tenti is breaking new grounds with innovative and healthier products, such as cherries compote, with 100% visciola without the addition of any kind of sugar or fruit juice, also suitable for children and rich in antioxidants.


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Via Caprile, 23
61047 San Lorenzo in Campo (PU)

Last modified: 24 Sep 2021
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