Terra Madre – Sound of the Highlands

15 September 2020

We’re collecting sonic testimonies from our communities in highland regions across the world—environmental ambience, animals, the sounds of work, atmospheric phenomena—to create a Symphony of the Highlands.

Musician and producer Max Casacci of Italian rock band Subsonica has been working to transform natural soundscapes into music for years, without the use of auxiliary instruments. For Terra Madre he’ll create a composition based on material supplied by our network.

The images—from panoramas to close ups—will be used to create an accompanying video. We’re inviting all our Slow Food communities who live or work in the Highlands to send us their photos to aid us in this collective creation.

As well as being a beautiful soundtrack to Terra Madre 2020, the Symphony will also a new and innovative opportunity for Slow Food to show how important it is to protect our precious mountain ecosystems worldwide.

Stay tuned!