Like a traditional opening ceremony, but redesigned for the digital era: think of the relay of October 10 as a miniseries, a journey in five parts that crosses continents and time-zones, a global dialog on the big questions of our age:

  • Asia and Oceania start from the climate and environmental crisis, the main problem which we need to confront if we are to guarantee a sustainable future for human life, and indeed all life, on this planet. We reassert our response based in biodiversity, and the search for a healthier equilibrium between humanity and the rest of nature.
  • In Europe we confront the policies on the table as part of the Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy to create a healthier, more sustainable food system, one which protects the health and well-being of people as well as reinforcing the competitiveness and resilience of the European Union.
  • In Africa and the Middle East the major themes to tackle are migration as a consequence of the degradation of natural resources, the scarcity of water and land rights, which are all too often denied or violated.
  • In North America the debate focuses on food education, equity, inclusion and justice and how oppression is deeply rooted in all American systems, including the food system. We reaffirm our commitment to make Slow Food an anti-racist organization which truly aims to guarantee good, clean and fair food for all.
  • In South America, finally, we confront the problems of the devastation of the Amazon rainforest and the battles of indigenous people who suffering discrimination, theft and genocide. All too often natural resources and the most vulnerable people are subject to the same iniquitous treatment, victims of an insatiable greed that deprives people of the very idea of a future.