We know that digital experiences have enormous potential, but at the same time we don’t to forget the joy and pleasure that only spending time together in person can provide.

Aristotle first defined the human being as a “social animal” 2500 years ago, and in our 30-year history Slow Food has always considered conviviality and the joy of spending time with others as one of our core values.


Terra Madre 2018. Photo: Alessandro Vargiu.

Even though we won’t be able to meet up in our thousands this year, as in past editions of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, we still want to fill Turin, Piedmont and all the world with thousands of smaller events with a variety of formulas over a period of six months. In 160 countries around the world people will be able reclaim the concrete sense of community, physically participating and sharing the message of Terra Madre in their own homelands.

Terra Madre 2018. Photo: Alessandro Vargiu.

Our program already includes some examples of physical activities that will be held worldwide over the summer, as part of the CINE (Cinema communities for Innovation, Network and Environment) project and the Cinemambiente project in Valchiusella, Piedmont. It’s a Terra Madre preview under the stars, where we’ll watch films and documentaries that focus on the environment and reclaim an important assembly point and cultural reference which we’ve really missed over recent months: the cinema!

Our Taste Workshops, Dinner Dates and school activities are also part of the calendar of worldwide physical events but this is just an antipasto for everything that will follow between October 2020 and April 2021.

Stay tuned!